New York City can’t find enough 
Women and Minority owned business to fill its quotas!

To become certified as a woman owned business, businesses must show:

  • All prospective members must provide clear and documented evidence that at least 51% or more is women-owned, managed, and controlled.
  • The business must be open for at least six months.
  • The business owner must be a U.S. citizen or legal resident alien.

Evidence must indicate that:

  • The contribution of capital and/or expertise by the woman business owner is real and substantial and in proportion to the interest owned.
  • The woman business owner must direct or cause the direction of management, policy, fiscal, and operational matters.
  • The woman business owner shall have the ability to perform in the area of specialty or expertise without reliance on either the finances or resources of a firm that is not owned by a woman.
Certifying businesses and helping them navigate government contracting :
The City’s certification programs, including the Minority and Women-owned Business Enterprise (M/WBE) Program, the Emerging Business Enterprise (EBE) Program and the Locally-based Business Enterprise (LBE) Program certify, promote, and foster the growth of the City’s minority and women-owned businesses and eligible small construction and construction-related businesses.  Companies that become certified obtain greater access to and information about contracting opportunities, receive technical assistance to better compete for those opportunities, and benefit from inclusion in the City’s Online Directory of Certified Firms.
A New M/WBE Program for New York City
In 2005, Mayor Bloomberg signed Local Law 129, creating a new Minority and Women-owned Business Enterprises (M/WBE) Program. Once the law was signed, the Department of Small Business Services built a program dedicated to promoting fairness and equity in City procurement processes. We believe in addressing the full range of business needs by providing services designed to strengthen the ability of certified M/WBEs to compete successfully in the marketplace.

Online Directory
To better promote the City’s certified vendors and to make it easy for buyers to find them, SBS maintains an Online Directory of Certified Businesses, which includes a detailed profile of each company.  Through inclusion in the directory, vendors can market their goods, services, and experience directly to purchasing agents who may not be familiar with their company.