We form Non-profit corporations and churches for all fifty states.

We prepare and file the 501c3 forms.

Prepare the papers and register your charity with the state and local government agencies

We write grant proposals

(Any religious group Hindu, Jewish, Christian, Moslem, or other spiritual belief system.)

Benefits of a Non-profit corporation:

Not required to file taxes unless revenue is over $25,000 per year

Can legally ask for and receive contributions from the public, foundations, corporations and the government. (Many states require that the non profits require a special license to solicit funds from the public.

Directors can pay themselves a salary for managing the Non-profit corporation.

The public and large institutions view your organization as kinder, gentler and more trustworthy which enhances your marketing efforts.

The Non-profit can be used to promote and make contacts for the directors of the non profit ie. a nursing staffing firm that has its directors and sales people create a charity for sick children. The members of the nursing staffing agency would be creating benefit for the agency by raising their visibility and getting to know hospital nurses and administrators that would refer business to their nursing staffing agency.